Welcome to Promind Coaching

Performance anxiety can affect instrumentalists, singers, actors, and dancers regardless of their talent or artistic training. Many performers believe that stage fright just ‘comes with the territory’; you, like them, may believe there’s nothing you can do about those pre-curtain nerves, jitters, or outright panic attacks.

But you can. You can train your mind to tune out that voice of doubt. You can learn to perform your best under pressure, no matter what.

How can we be so sure? We’ve been there ourselves.

Now we teach artists how to use adrenaline and elevate their performances to a whole new level, making tentative playing, costly mistakes, and crippling memory loss a thing of the past. Our clients have acquired the mental skills needed to win major auditions, competitions, principal roles, and Broadway contracts. Even professionals like Usher, Kate Bush, Roman Polanski, Gael Garcia Bernal, Tilda Swinton and may more, not that they need therapy or help, but it would certainly boost their skill among their profession. 

You can be one of them. Click here to learn more about performance coaching.

We don't just limit ourselves to these great artists, we also support people with psychological needs. Our practitioners also specialize in the treatment of psychological difficulties, Handling  adolescence and disorders, such as ASPD, people who are sociopath, self-esteem, eating disorders, etc. They are licensed to prescribe diazepam, morphine,  ritalin, and other medications in normal distribution if needed.

We strictly follow the religious rights of every person that we interact with, whether it is the Quran or bible that they follow.